Business Startup & Micro Business

It is very important to get the right advice and support when starting a new business to ensure smooth running and growth for your business. If you don’t have any experience of legal and financial aspects of starting your business, a dedicated advisor form MJ Support & Co certified accountants and business consultants can support you through each step and processes of your new business venture.

Business Startups

With our dedicated Small Business Accountants team in East London support, several businesses in different sectors become significantly successful within few years of their start-ups. MJ Support & Co certified accountants and business consultants have supported and guided small businesses becoming successful by providing them up to date information and financial clarity.

During first year of your start up business, you need to consider fundamental financial aspects of your business, Our Small Business Accountants team can completely take care of financial side of your business and let you focus on your business growth without worrying about accounting and compliance needs.

Formation of Business Structure

Accounting and taxation always step in when it comes to business structuring and it also depend which option you choose to structure your new business. Each structure has different tax implications and extent of personal liability for business debts. There are several options available for business start-ups

We will explain advantages, disadvantages, filing and tax implications to help you decide which structure is best for you. We will ensure that all the correct procedures are followed in setting up your business right from the outset.

Startup your business

MJ Support & Co certified accountants and business consultants will ensure everything is under control by giving you full support in terms of internal and external business needs so you can focus on facing real world challenges. Our Small Business Accountants team can look into the following areas

  • Optimal structure of your business
  • Business strategy (Assessment, planning, Implementation and monitoring)
  • Feasibility of your business plan
  • Funding gap
  • Outsourcing of operations (bookkeeping, payroll, credit control, cloud accounting)
  • Profit margins
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax advisory for investors (EIS and SEIS)

MJ Support & Co certified accountants and business consultants will ensure to provide reliable, timely and accurate information for decision making. Furthermore, we will also ensure to obtain the optimum tax position. 

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