The process of changing your accountant is very simple.

Following are the steps involved in the changeover process:

1 – Write to your existing accountant

You will need to write to your current accountant and end things on good terms and email them to let them know that you are leaving –  You will need to ask your current accountant to furnish new accountant with any requested information. You should also indicate the date (year-end or a month-end ) of work to be finalised. Alternatively we can help you draft a letter of notice on your behalf.

2 – Registering with the new accountant

Your new accountant will ask you for details including your personal and limited company information.

They will also carry out an anti-money laundering check on you by law, so you will typically be required to provide a scan of your passport or drivers’ licence, together with proof of address such as utility bill.

3 – Services Agreement 

The new accountant is obliged to send you a ‘Services Agreement’ which sets out the expectations and requirements between the two parties.

4 – Professional Clearance Letter

The new accountant will write to the ex accountant requesting professional clearance. This will also involve  requesting copies of accounts, tax returns and related information.

Authorising the new accountant to deal with HMRC 

You may need to sign a new 64-8 form to formally authorise new accountant to deal with HMRC for both personal and company tax affairs on your behalf. 

A new start 

After a few days, all your accounting information should have been transferred to new accountant and they will start work on your case. 

Why You Choose Us!

Tax Planning – To ensuring meeting all deadlines, we won’t leave it until after your Year End, when it is too late!
No Penalty Guarantee – We offer systemised accounting processes to enable our clients to meet with HMRC regulations.
Regular Compliance Checks – Offering regular compliance check to meet with the compliance requirements of small businesses.
No surprise bills – Call or email your dedicated Tax advisor and Accountant at any time and you won’t get billed for it.
We make your life easy – Life is beautiful, so when it comes to your accounts, we keep things simple and take away the hassle for you.

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